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COVID-19 is all we hear about these days. Less than three months ago, we heard the first news regarding the outbreak. Now, it seems nearly every article relates to the pandemic. At a time like this, few people reflect on the importance of energy delivery and efficiency.

Many people over the last few weeks have gone through multiple, rapidly evolving changes in their work and personal lives, which have become intertwined. Daily, we're using scarcely heard terms like social distancing, personal protective equipment and proper handwashing. Personal thoughts focus on the things of greatest importance which are employment, finances and especially the safety and security of those we love. Decisions are based on immediate priorities as we don't know what the next day may bring.

For the last few weeks, Norris Public Power District has been diligently preparing to operate under numerous unknowns. Behind the scenes, Norris Public Power District has developed protocols and contingency plans that are necessary to ensure customers receive the same reliability you have come to expect. As Nebraskans always do in times of hardship, we have come together for the greater good of our neighbors, customers, friends and family.

Contact Norris Public Power District if you anticipate difficulties in meeting your energy obligations, as we can advise you on available support agencies or programs. We can also provide additional information on efficiently managing your energy use.

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When you see Norris Public Power District trimming trees near power lines, know that we are doing so for the following reasons:

  • Tree and foliage overgrowth can interfere with power distribution.
  • Power lines can give off a spark or arc that may land on a nearby branch and ignite.
  • The lights in your house may flicker when tree branches brush power lines during high winds.
  • Stormy weather can cause nearby limbs to break off and land on power lines.
  • Unobstructed power lines make it easier and safer for lineworkers to maintain equipment or restore power.
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Tax credits for residential energy efficiency have now been retroactively extended from December 31, 2017, through December 31, 2020. The tax credit for builders of energy efficient homes and tax deductions for energy efficient commercial buildings have also been retroactively extended from December 31, 2017, through December 31, 2020.

The tax credits for residential renewable energy products are still available through December 31, 2021. Renewable energy tax credits for fuel cells, small wind turbines and geothermal heat pumps now feature a gradual step down in the credit value, the same as those for solar energy systems.

Use up to 30% less energy in your home by outfitting it with ENERGY STAR certified products, available across more than 75 categories. ENERGY STAR certified products are independently certified to save energy, save money and protect the environment.

Equipment Tax Credits for Primary Residences

Non-business energy property tax credits have been retroactively extended from December 31, 2017, through December 31, 2020.

Tax Credit: 10% of cost up to $500 or a specific amount from $50 - $300

Expires: December 31, 2020

Details: Must be an existing home and your principal residence. New construction and rentals do not qualify.

Eligible Residential Equipment:

  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Gas, Propane or Oil Hot Water Boiler
  • Gas, Propane or Oil Furnaces and Fans
  • Water Heaters (non-solar)
  • Advanced Main Air Circulating Fan
  • Biomass Stoves

Qualified Energy Efficiency Improvements:

    Please note: Tax credit does not include installation for the following products.

  • Insulation
  • Roofs (Metal and Asphalt)
  • Windows, Doors and Skylights

For more information visit:


*Disclaimer: The tax credit information contained within this website is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute for expert advice from a professional tax/financial planner or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

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