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Rates Go Down for 2021

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On November 4, 2020 the Norris Public Power District Board of Directors approved a $230,000 or 0.3% decrease in customer rates beginning January 2021.

The board’s action marks the fourth consecutive year that customer rates have declined and the eight consecutive year that the District has avoided an increase in customer electric rates overall.

In addition to the 2021 customer electric rate reduction, the Norris Board approved a $6.4 million credit to be included on customer bills from February 2021 through January 2022, which is equivalent to a 7.2% reduction in customer rates over the twelve-month period. The credit comes from a pass-through of a Nebraska Public Power District Production Cost Adjustment credit.

Norris rate schedules for 2021 are available on the District's website.

2021 EnergyWise Programs back to top >>

Norris Public Power District EnergyWiseSM programs offer incentives to residential, business and agricultural customers to help cover the cost of a variety of energy-efficient upgrades. All projects must be installed and operational during the calendar year to be eligible for the corresponding EnergyWiseSM program year incentives.

Beginning January 2, 2021, a new Custom Agricultural Program is being offered along with a new category in the High-Efficiency Heat Pumps Program. Plus, incentives for electric vehicles, home chargers, wiring and conduit have been added.

The following programs are available to customers of Norris Public Power District. Customers should visit www.norrisppd.com or contact a Customer Service Representative at 800-858-4707 for applications, guidelines and more information about these incentives.

Custom Ag (New Program)
This program provides incentives for agricultural energy efficiency improvements, as approved by Energy Efficiency Consultants, that are not covered by other EnergyWiseSM programs.

Electric Vehicle and ChargePoint Charging Station
$4,500 incentive for the purchase of a new electric vehicle and ChargePoint Home charging station.

ChargePoint Charging Station
$500 incentive for the installation of a residential vehicle charging station.

Pre-Wiring for Home Charging Station
$200 incentive for new construction for in home pre-wiring for the future installation of an electric vehicle charging station. 100% of costs (maximum of $400) incentive for existing structure for in home pre-wiring for the future installation of an electric vehicle.9:52 AM 12/14/2020 Charging station may be purchased at: www.etpnebraska.com/nppd/.

Commercial Conduit
100% reimbursement incentive (max $1,000) for new commercial construction for the installation of conduit for a future Level 2 or 3 public charging station.

Commercial Charger
50% reimbursement incentive for the installation of equipment for the installation of an electric vehicle public charging station (minus grants and discounts) based on the lower of two qualified bids.

High Efficiency Heat Pump
New incentive for ductless mini split (multi heads, 3 ton or greater). Visit www.norrisppd.com for a listing of eligible heat pumps, incentive criteria per type of heat pump and incentive amounts.

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