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Trees beautify our yards, provide us with shade, and naturally attract climbing children. However, when trees grow to interfere with power lines, they become safety hazards, and are among the most common causes for utility outages.

With over 5,500 miles of overhead electric lines that give power to homes and businesses throughout Norris Public Power District's service territory, there are numerous trees growing near or into lines that require trimming and management. Usually, it's because a tall-growing tree was planted directly under or too close to the line. It might have grown taller than the person who planted it expected. Whatever the reason, it is crucial they are a safe distance from the lines.

Only trained professionals should trim trees near power lines!

Norris Public Power District has a right of way department that includes two Certified Nebraska Arborists. The right of way department clears trees and brush away from power lines in Norris' six-county service territory. Maintaining right of way clearances is necessary to provide safe and reliable service.

Trees are cut at the growth points for tree health, and in many cases, it's impossible to maintain the tree's original shape. Some trees require directional pruning to keep them from growing back into lines. Trees directly underneath power lines may appear to be in a 'V' or 'U' shape with lines passing through the opening in the middle, while trees growing alongside a power line may appear to be in a 'L' shape, or one side may be completely missing due to side pruning. The shape of the tree will be different, but the health and safety of the tree stay intact, and safety and reliability related to the power lines ensured.

Pruning a tree will solve the problem a lot of the time, but in some cases, the tree must be removed. Those include tall or fast-growing species that are directly under power lines, large previously topped trees under the power lines, saplings with potential to grow in or around the lines and hazardous trees that may be leaning, in decline, cracked or split.

If trees on or near your property are growing into power lines, please call our office at 800-858-4707. A Norris right of way employee will contact you, schedule a time to visit the property and evaluate the trees for trimming or removal that interfere with electric lines.

  Electric Vehicle, ChargePoint Charging Station And Pre-Wiring Incentive Program      back to top >>  

The upfront cost of electric vehicles (EVs) is considered the main obstacle to potential consumers. As an incentive, Norris Public Power District (Norris), in partnership with Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) and the Nebraska Environmental Trust (NET) have introduced three programs which help to reduce the purchase price of an EV.

Electric Vehicle and ChargePoint Charger Incentive: $4,500

  • $4,000 incentive for the purchase or lease of a new battery electric vehicle.
  • $500 incentive for the installation of a residential vehicle charging station.
    • Battery electric vehicles only.
    • ChargePoint 32 Amp, WI-FI enabled station.
    • Charging station installation location and vehicle registration must be the same location.
    • Single or multi-family residential location and have internet wireless connectivity.
Charging Station Only Incentive: $500
  • $500 incentive for the installation of a residential vehicle charging station.
    • ChargePoint 32 Amp, WI-FI enabled station.
    • Internet wireless connectivity.
Pre-wiring Incentive: $100
  • $100 incentive for in home pre-wiring for the future installation of an electric vehicle charging station.
Follow these easy steps:
  • Visit with Norris to discuss your EV and charging needs and pick up an application form, and ensure incentives are still available.
  • All three programs will require a reservation request prior to purchase and/or installation.
  • Reservations have a limited time to purchase and/or install, which if not met will expire.
  • Once approved, there will be a time period to provide proof of purchase or installation.
  • Submit payment request after purchase and installation.
  • Charger installation location and vehicle registration must be the same location and be a single or multi-family residential location and have internet wireless connectivity to qualify.
  • Incentives are limited so check with Norris for availability.

Incentives valid as of 6-1-2019. Subject to change without notice. This program is only available to customers of Norris, NPPD and customers of NPPD’s wholesale utilities.

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