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     Students from Bruning-Davenport Unified School District attended the hotline demonstration. Linemen discussed electrical safety and career opportunities in the electric industry with students. Front row from left are Alicia Hoffman (Guidance Counselor-Bruning-Davenport USD), Jordan Bolte, Jennifer Holtzen and Dominic Quinones. Back row from left are Dan Kroll (Lineman-Hebron), Isaac Baysinger, Lyle Pfingsten (Lineman-Hebron), Trevor Whitesell, Anthony Schweer, Corey Bauer (Lineman-Fairbury) and Trevor Wehrer (Manager of Operations and Safety).
Your Safety Matters
Your safety matters because Norris Public Power District cares about you. For linemen who work around electricity daily, safety is their way of life. It is vital for Norris’ trained professionals to educate and bring electrical safety awareness to communities it serves so customers remain safe around electricity and electrical equipment.
Norris linemen presented hotline demonstrations at Hebron Airport’s open house and ribbon cutting. Area schools were invited to attend the event. Norris linemen demonstrated what happens when a tree branch, kite or someone encounters a line energized with 7,200 volts.
Safety Myth Busted
Dan Kroll demonstrates that everyday household rubber-soled footwear will not protect you against electricity. Footwear soles are not made from 100 percent pure rubber. To make footwear more comfortable and durable, companies mix in additives
that make these “rubber like” products good conductors of electricity rather than insulators.
The demonstration also educates people on how to react in an electrical emergency, such as a car accident with downed power lines around or on a vehicle.
The demonstration is offered to schools, businesses, organizations and first responders. “The hotline demonstration allows the public to witness the dangers of electricity firsthand. If we, as trained professionals can prevent unnecessary injuries or deaths by increasing the public’s awareness of the dangers of electricity by providing this demonstration, then we have done our job,” said Lyle Pfingsten, Lineman.
“Dedicated to Serving and SAVING YOU!”

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