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   Holiday Gift Guide
Give the gift of safety!
Portable Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)
Designed for locations where there is not a permanent GFCI installed, these devices detect an abnormal flow of electricity and shut off the power, preventing shock or electrocution.
Outdoor Remote Control Outlet Switch
Leaving outdoor lighting on over- night can be costly and pose a potential hazard. With this switch, any and all devices plugged in can be operated remotely.
      Tamper Resistant Outlets (TROs)
Great for families with young children, TROs are wall receptacles that have shutters that stay closed unless a plug with two prongs is inserted into the outlet.
Note: While plastic safety caps are a cheaper alternative, it may be possible for children to remove these.
  Heavy Duty Extension Cord
Power devices safely. Too often the tools or equipment necessary for larger projects are powered by extension cords that are inadequate for the environment or heavier electrical load.

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