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                  Irrigation Rates
In 2018, irrigation rate schedules for Norris and the former Seward District customers were not adjusted as part of the rate transition plan. In 2019, all full service and interruptible irrigation customers will be transitioned into Norris irrigation rate schedules, except for former Seward District customers on Rate Schedules S10 - three-phase and S11 - single-phase. Full service and interruptible irrigation customers will be billed demand charges split evenly between the spring and fall using measured kilowatt demand rather than nameplate horsepower. All energy charges will be billed at the conclusion of the irrigation season. For 2019, the rate transition is projected to be a net overall decrease in irrigation rates of $160,000.
2019 Rate Changes Rural Residential Rates
Town Residential Rates
All-Electric Rates and
2019 Rate Schedules
Norris rate schedules for 2019 are available upon request or can be viewed on the District’s website at
Norris Customer Overall Rate Changes
Summer/Winter Rates
 The transition toward eliminating all-electric rates is continuing with modest increases for customers served on the four all-electric rate classes. The electric industry has evolved since all-electric rates were first offered to Norris customers decades ago. All-electric customers who may have been encouraged to install all-electric services have received lower electric rates for many years and should have realized a positive return on their all-electric investment.
In addition, the cost of service analysis indicates a need to decrease summer revenues by 3.0% and increase winter revenues by 2.5%. Overall, the change in all- electric rates and the adjustment to summer and winter revenues is projected to be a net overall increase of $130,000 or 0.2%.
0.3% Decrease
0.8% Decrease
No Change
No Change
No Change
No Change
      Rate Change
                                                  The last overall customer rate increase was January 1, 2013.
       Residential Rate Schedules
        2018 Average Monthly Customer and Energy Charges
    2019 Average Monthly Customer and Energy Charges
        Monthly Dollar Change
     Percent Change
       S1 – Residential
   1 – Farm and Rural
  2 – Farm and Rural - All-Electric
       L04 and L16 - Urban
  3 – Town, Village and Community
   4 – Town, Village and Community - All-Electric
    Rate schedules 1, 2, 3 and 4 are Norris legacy rate schedules. Rate schedules L04, L16 and
To illustrate the residential customer rate changes for 2019, the customer and energy charges in the above which is the average energy consumption for Norris residential customers per month.
S1 are Seward legacy rate schedules.
table were calculated using 1,500 kilowatt-hours,

   3   4   5   6   7