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Youth Energy Leadership Camp
Each year, the Nebraska Rural Electric Association (NREA) pro- vides a unique and exciting op- portunity for high school students
Jeff Juranek, Norris – Journeyman Lineman, served as an adult counselor at YELC. He shared his knowledge of the electric utility industry and showcased his lineman skills. Jeff also helped to ensure the overall well-being of the students, keeping campers on schedule and leading camp activities.
During YELC, there is a competition to select Ambassadors from the camp participants to attend the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association Youth Tour in Washington, D.C. the following year. Congratulations to Matt Price who was selected to represent Norris at the 2020 Youth Tour.
  Jeff Juranek, Norris Journeyman Lineman and Camp Counselor, instructs Matt Price on how to safely climb a wood pole.
whose parents or guardians are customers of one of the 34 rural elec- tric systems in Nebraska. Youth Ener- gy Leadership Camp (YELC) is intended to give students a better under- standing of the legislative pro- cess, electric power genera-
tion, electric safety and careers in the rural electric program.
Norris Public Power District selected Alli Novak from Dorchester, Kate Osterhaus from Firth and Matt Price from Pickrell to represent the District at the 2019 Youth Energy Leadership Camp. The camp was held July 8 – 12 in the Halsey National Forest.
Alli Novak (left) and Kate Osterhaus participate in an icebreaker activity at camp.
   Thank you . . .
Matt, Alli, Kate and Jeff for attending Youth Energy Leadership Camp. You are all leaders and the District appreciates the enthusiasm, pride and professionalism each of you possessed while serving as a representative for Norris Public Power District.
    Thank you for sponsoring me to attend the Youth Energy Leadership Camp this year! I was hesitant about making the trip to Halsey but after finishing the week, I can honestly say I had an amazing time. I learned enough about public power to fill
a lifetime and I made friendships that I hope last for years to come. Going to this camp opened my eyes regarding careers in the public power area, and I’m genuinely intrigued about pursuing a job in this field.
Again, I am very grateful for the opportunity you gave me by sponsoring me to attend this camp.
Sincerely, Matt Price
Camp was an exhilarating experience. I am glad that I was chosen to participate in this camp. I’ve made so many new friends and had so many great adventures. I loved the tour of Gerald Gentleman Station and the Kingsley Dam. My favorite part of camp was climbing the utility pole and riding in the bucket truck.
In closing, I’m glad I was able to go to the camp and learn so many new things. I won’t ever forget my week at camp.
Sincerely, Alli Novak
                     Camp was a great adventure and experience that I will remember forever. I learned so many new things like how the power plants work and all the ways we use electricity. My very favorite part of the camp was riding in the bucket truck and climbing
a pole.
Thank you so much for choosing to sponsor me to go to camp.
Sincerely, Kate Osterhaus

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