Page 5 - Norris Electric News October 2019
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  From left: Tyler Mahood, Mary Jacobsen, Kristen Gottschalk – NREA – Government Relations Director and Senator Tom Brandt listen
to Zac Bowman – Norris Technical Services Supervisor about the electric grid and advancements in electric technology.
Electric Association in- teracted with the state leaders about public power and Norris op- erations while demon- strating the value that is provided to the citizens of southeast Nebraska. There was a detailed discussion about dis- tributed solar and wind generation and options to bill energy generated and consumed.
Senator Tom Brandt, District 32, tries threading a nut on a bolt while wearing a pair of linemen’s electrical rubber insulating gloves that are rated for 20,000 volts. Over the rubber gloves are leather protector gloves that keep the rubber gloves from being damaged or punctured.
fits customers are receiving from emerging technologies.
Nebraska sports fans appreciate the commitment and effort given by student athletes in the offseason to enhance their opportunities for success when the games count during the season. Likewise, the citizens of southeast Nebraska are fortunate to have leaders who are passionate about representing their constituents to the fullest extent possible and willing to commit time in the offseason or when the legislature is not in session to expand their knowledge so that informed decisions can be made during the legislative session.
office at the District’s Centerville Operations Center. State Senator Mike Hilgers also represents Norris customers but was unable to attend.
Norris personnel along with Kris- ten Gottschalk and James Dukesh- erer with the Nebraska Rural
A short tour was given through the operations facility followed by a high voltage safety demonstration and discussion about safety with Norris linemen. Informational posters highlighting various costs of operating and maintaining the
  Senator Myron Dorn and Senator Tom Brandt ask Norris Director – Berneal Warner about his electric vehicle that was on display.
District were displayed. Norris trucks and oth- er equipment were also on display. Information was provided about Ad- vanced Metering Infra- structure, Supervisory Control and Data Acqui- sition system, transform- ers and meters, prepaid metering and irrigation load management, which demonstrated the bene-
  I appreciate the State Senators and
Legislative Aides taking time from their busy schedules to attend State Senators Day at Norris Public Power District. I enjoyed their visit
Senator Myron Dorn, District 30, and Norris General Manager & CEO Bruce Vitosh on State Senators Day.
and look forward to working with them in the future.

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