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   Monumental Mother and Son Historic Opportunities
Ian Hogeland visits the Untied States Capitol, on Capitol Hill, in Washington, D.C. during NRECA Youth Tour in 2019.
Kelli (Kurtenbach) Hogeland, Ian’s mother, attended NRECA Youth Tour in 1993.
One score and six years ago, Kelli (Kurtenbach) Hogeland, from Lindsay, Nebraska, participated in Cornhusker Public Power District’s (CPPD) Youth Contest competing for an opportunity to attend the 1992 Nebraska Rural Electric Association (NREA) Youth Energy Camp. Contestants took a quiz on rural electric information, gave a speech on “What happened when the lights went out” and were interviewed by Pat Diederich, CPPD Chief Financial Officer. Kelli received one of the highest scores and was selected to attend the NREA Youth Energy Camp.
One year ago, destined to follow in his mother’s footsteps, Ian Hogeland, son of Geoffrey and Kelli Hogeland, who live in rural Lancaster County, was selected by Norris Public Power District to attend the NREA Youth Energy Leadership Camp (YELC), the same camp his mother attended twenty-six years prior. The camp teaches students about energy generation, electric safety, careers in the electric industry and empowers students to become stronger leaders in the communities in which they live.
“All that I am or ever hopetobe,Ioweto my angel mother.” ~Abraham Lincoln
Ian said, “I particularly enjoyed learning how power districts function and the tour of Gerald Gentleman Station, Nebraska’s largest electric generating facility and Kingsley Hydroelectric Plant at Lake McConaughy. The complexity of how power is generated was fascinating, and I’m interested in the engineering skills that are required to design, test and oversee equipment.”
In 1992, at the conclusion of NREA’s Energy Camp, Kelli was selected by her peers as one of two Ambassadors to represent Nebraska at the National Rural Electric Cooperative Associa- tion’s (NRECA) Youth Tour in Wash- ington, D.C., in June 1993. Youth Tour gives students from across America

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