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Norris Is Committed To Communities
  Drew Hubka, Lineman, demonstrates why rubber tires do not protect you in case your vehicle comes into contact with downed power lines. Tires contain steel cords that will conduct electricity. Unless the vehicle is on fire, stay in it. Call 911 and wait for Norris line personnel to assist you in exiting the vehicle safely.
public on the importance of electrical safety. The safety demonstration validates the dangers of coming into contact with electrical equipment.
“Norris strives to educate people on how to stay safe around electricity. If taking the safety demonstration trailer out to area events and educating the public on the dangers of electricity helps to save one child,
Norris Public Power District provided electrical safety demonstrations at the Barneston Rural Volunteer Fire Community Safety Day on July 18, 2021. Barneston fire volunteers held the event to promote safety awareness and community unity.
Norris Public Power District’s high voltage demonstration educates the
customer or member of the public, the trailer has served its purpose,” said Trevor Murphy, Norris Public Power District - Foreman.
Norris offers high voltage safety demonstrations to schools and other organizations. If you would like to have a high voltage
Travis Robeson, Norris customer, tries to thread a nut on a bolt while wearing a lineman's rubber insulating sleeves and gloves.
demonstration at your next event or meeting, please contact Trevor Wehrer, Norris Public Power District - Manager of Operations and Safety at 800-858-4707 or
  Above: A hot dog is used to simulate a human finger (hot dogs have approximately the same water content as a human) coming into contact with 120 volts of electricity, which is the standard household current.
Right: Trevor Murphy, Foreman, shows Becky, Gracelyn and Mosely Weyer, Norris customers, the hotdog that was burnt by electricity. Electricity burns from the inside out, so a person who has come into contact with electricity should always seek medical attention since internal tissues may be damaged although no visual damage is on the outside.

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