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Progress Made With Customer Rate Changes
  Bruce Vitosh
General Manager & CEO
At a recent Lincoln Chamber of Commerce event, Nebraska Athletic Director Trev Alberts said he couldn’t recall who said it, possibly Tom Osborne or maybe a Nebraska sports donor Alberts worked with at the time. During his early days as the University of Nebraska Omaha’s Athletic Director, somebody referenced an adage he still remembers today. “Nebraskans expect and demand progress, but they hate change.”
Norris management routinely reviews and evaluates customer rate schedules to ensure that customers are receiving fair, reasonable and non- discriminatory rates and service. Norris utilizes a rate consultant to study costs of service and establish billing rates to appropriately collect
revenues based upon the costs to serve that particular rate class.
A few of the recommended rate changes for 2022 are presented in this article. The Norris Board of Directors will be requested to approve all customer rate changes at the District’s November board meeting.
Demand Rate Charge for Residential and General Service Rate Classes
The Norris electric distribution system is designed to meet the maximum power or demand requirements for all customers. Electric distribution system costs historically have been
recovered from residential and general service customers through monthly customer and energy charges. With enhancements in metering, Norris can measure individual customer energy demands and determine their responsibility to the total electric distribution system costs. Beginning in 2022, Norris will implement a demand or kilowatt (kW) charge to residential and general service customers. The new demand charge will be offset with lower energy rates resulting in a net overall zero impact on residential and general service customers in 2022.

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