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Carleton Volunteer Fire
On April 12, 2021, Carleton Fire and Rescue’s sign lit up brightly, overhead doors rose for the occasion and volunteers meticulously parked emergency vehicles in Carleton’s new fire hall. The new fire hall is the third fire hall in the village’s history. The first fire hall was built in the 1920s or 1930s and the village’s second fire hall was built in the 1970s.
“The fire hall built in the 1970s was over 50 years old and in need of maintenance and improvements. Age was not the only issue with the old fire hall. It was built in a time when equipment was much smaller,” said Ken Petersen, President, Carleton Volunteer Fire Department. “Vehicles in the old building were having to be shuffled around in order to get out necessary emergency vehicles and equipment when response time was crucial.”
Carleton Rural Fire Board
Front row from the left: Darrel Lichty (Trustee), Cory Clark (Fire Chief) and Rod Heinrichs (Vice President)
Back row from the left: Dale Schardt (Secretary), Ken Petersen (President) and Mike Schardt (Treasurer)
The Carleton Rural Fire Board had earmarked funds to build a new fire hall for many years. A bond was issued, and many fundraisers were held in hopes of a new fire hall being built.
The department currently has 24 ac- tive members. Among the volunteers are six Emergency Medical Techni-
cians, a Licensed Practical Nurse and a volunteer that is currently training to be a Paramedic. “Since the fire hall officially opened, the department has welcomed two new members," said Cory Clark.
“The community overwhelmingly supported the project from the beginning. Since the expansion of the new public safety facility, there is renewed enthusiasm in the community. Dedicated and skilled volunteers are ready to serve and provide life-saving services when emergencies occur,” said Rod Heinrichs.
The new fire hall was designed to meet the needs of the department now and well into the future. Volunteers toured several fire halls across the state prior to finalizing the structural design. “The Roseland Volunteer Fire Department was extremely helpful in
 The new fire hall sign was illuminated and the lights glowed brightly as move-in day transitioned into evening hours on April 12, 2021.
   The Carleton Volunteer Fire and Rescue members would like to express their sincere appreciation to Thayer County citizens, local businesses, the Roseland Fire Department and Norris Public Power District who were all involved in the initiation, planning, implementation, and completion phases of the project.

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