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 Jeff Juranek, Counselor
Norris Public Power District Foreman
“I had the privilege to supervise an exceptional group of young adults that I got to know from our district as well as from neighboring districts. I hope that I made a lasting impact on these students and raised their awareness of the unique benefits public power offers
in Nebraska.”
Baker, Evan Oltmans and Ian Hogeland representing Norris.
Through workshops, demon- strations and presentations by
Campers representing Norris (from left to right) are Anna Hughes, Colten Baker, Evan Oltmans and Ian Hogeland.
guest speakers, camp-
ers learned about ener-
gy generation, electric
safety and careers in
the electric industry. A
tour of Nebraska Public Power District’s Gerald Gentleman Sta- tion, a coal-fired plant near North Platte, and Kingsley Hydroelec- tric Power Plant at Lake McCo- naughy, near Ogallala, provided a first-hand look at the process of generating electricity.
Camp activities also included sports tournaments, canoeing, dancing and free time to socialize and make new friends. Next year’s camp
will be held July 8 – 12, 2019.
Anna Hughes Receives “Good Egg” Award
Anna Hughes was the recipient of a “Good Egg” Award. The award recognizes important qualities in YELC participants that many times go unnoticed. These qualities include cheerfulness, friendliness, a willingness to do “unglamorous” clean up jobs, honesty, kindness and a general cooperative attitude and manner. Two male campers and two female campers are nominated for the “Good Egg” Awards. On the last day of camp, campers vote to select
two “Good Egg” recipients. The “Good Eggs” are invited to return to next year’s camp to serve as Junior Counselors.
Thank you for sponsoring me to go to the 2018
Youth Energy Leadership Camp. I had a lot of fun at this year’s camp. I learned a lot about new ways to generate energy and I learned that renewable energy cannot be relied on for 100% of our power. I enjoyed touring Gerald Gentleman power plant. I got to see how clean the coal plant is. I learned how there are many people who pay close attention to the exhaust given off by the plant. I appreciate Norris Public Power giving me an opportunity to learn more about the electric power industry. In the future I hope to be a part of this industry. Thank you for the opportunity.
Evan Oltmans
Thank you for sending me to camp this week! I had a great time and met a lot of new people. I was able to learn a lot about electricity and the many different types of jobs in the field. I really enjoyed visiting Gerald Gentleman Station and the dam. I had a great time and thank you again for sending me to camp.
Ian Hogeland

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