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Electricity helps us power the things we do every day like watch TV, play video games, turn on the lights and use our computers. However, the same power that we use to learn, cook and have fun can be dangerous if not used carefully. Norris is asking our young consumers to keep electrical safety a top priority and to help us remind our family, friends and neighbors to be safe around electricity.
 Hey Kids! We Need YOUR Help!
Get out your crayons, paints and markers!
Design a poster that shows a way that everyone can stay safe around electricity and send it to us. One winner from each age group will receive a prize and have their photo taken. Posters and photos will be displayed online, in print and in District offices.
Open to preschool through 5th grade students residing in or attending a school within Norris Public Power District’s service area.
Deliver your poster to any District office located in Hebron, Roca, Beatrice or Seward or you may mail your poster to:
Vicky Jurgens
Norris Public Power District POBox399
Beatrice NE 68310
The student’s name, address, phone number, school and grade must be printed on the back of the poster. Please include entry form below with poster.
Entries must be submitted by October 31, 2018.
Electrical Safety Poster Contest Official Entry Form
• Poster must carry an electrical safety message.
• Poster must be drawn by the student (no computer images).
• Poster size 8 1⁄2” x 11”.
Basic Electrical Safety Rules
• Always fly kites in an open area – NEVER near power lines.
• Never climb trees near power lines.
• Keep fingers and other objects away from electrical outlets.
• Stay far away from downed power lines.
• Stay away from electrical equipment such as substations, meters and transformers.
• Water and electricity do not mix! Do not touch anything electrical when you are wet.
• Stay away from the work area and the truck where linemen are working.
• Never pull a plug out by its cord.
     Name: _______________________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Name: __________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________ City: _____________________________ Zip: ____________________________
School: ______________________________________________________________
Grade (Please mark one):
a Preschool a Kindergarten-1st a 2nd-3rd a 4th-5th
I understand that by submitting child’s drawing, I give permission for Norris Public Power District to publish, print, exhibit and otherwise use image without notification, permission or compensation. I authorize Norris to publish my child’s picture, name, school and grade with published artwork. All posters will become the property of Norris Public Power District.
Parent/Guardian Signature:
For questions, please contact Vicky Jurgens
at 800-858-4707 or

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