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Winter rates are in effect beginning with bills calculated on October 21, 2022.

Norris Public Power District is committed to remaining a low-cost electricity provider, controlling expenses, and helping customers save money by using electricity efficiently.

Electricity charges change between summer and winter rate schedules. The cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh) is greater during the summer billing periods. The summer billing periods are customer bills rendered between June 15th and October 15th. Winter rates apply to the remaining bills rendered.

Norris' cost to purchase power increases in the summer, therefore the price per kilowatt-hour the District charges customers during those months also increases. Many customers with air conditioning consume more electricity in the summer months. Energy usage can also increase during the winter billing periods; however, most customer bills are lower during the eight months of this period due to lower energy costs.

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Norris Public Power District has contracted with SBS Inspections, Inc. to inspect and treat wood power poles in Hebron, Beaver Crossing and throughout northern Saline and southern Seward counties. SBS Inspections, Inc. will be working in the designated areas through December. Inspections include visually examining poles, excavating and backfilling around poles, internally and externally treating poles and testing ground wire resistance.

While inspecting power poles, it may occasionally be necessary at some locations for a SBS Inspections, Inc. contractor to cross private property to access poles that are located on Norris' easements and rights of way. The process of pole inspections and treatments are essential to Norris' system. The inspections enhance public safety, reduce long-term operating costs and lessens the occurrence of unexpected power outages.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the power pole inspection and treatment program, contact Norris at 1-800-858-4707.

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